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Turn your Bedroom into a Romantic Sanctuary

The most important place in your home for romance is the bedroom. For some this comes easy, however, we aren't all storybook characters living fantasy lives. With a little effort, you can make romance flourish with some romantic touches to your bedroom.

If you have the money and want results fast, then hiring interior decorators is a good idea. Some interior decorators specialize in creating romantic environments. An interior decorator can turn your bedroom into a place where romance can flourish. Even if you have none of the interior design skills you might think are needed and you don't have the cash to hire a designer for your bedroom, you can follow these easy tips to make your stagnant, dull bedroom into a room for romance: * Lighting. Low light can instantly transform a room into a place of romance.

As opposed to bright, harsh lights, dim lights set a relaxing, comforting and sensual vibe for your bedroom. * A Cozy Bed. An easy way to make your bedroom more romantic is by making your bed more comfortable. It's time to retire that ten year old blanket and buy a new comforter with high quality fabrics. Since the impact on your romantic bedroom is so important, this is an item you should not skimp on.

Be sure to get a pattern that is romantic - more importantly: a pattern that is romantic to her. * Nothing sets a romantic tone better than good, slow or soft, music. Get a bookshelf CD player with decent speakers and a remote. Choose music that your wife finds calming and romantic - if you don't know, let her tell you. * The best light for romance is candle light. Just be sure to get calming, gentle scents - not strong scents.

You want a calming atmosphere for romance. * Instead of focusing just on decorating the bedroom, a great way to romance is to decorate your wife as well - with some lingerie. Consider the fabrics, styles and colors that will Be sure to buy styles she feels at ease in. You want her to feel sexy, not self conscious. Not all of these romance tips work for everybody and not every couple is the same. Trying new things is what is important.

See what romantic ideas work best for you and your wife. Don't be afraid to make changes to adjust to your wife's moods and needs and you'll find a huge improvement in your romantic life by simply improving your bedroom. A great source of ideas if you are stuck in a rut is in magazines showing romantic bedrooms and pictures of bed and breakfast hotel rooms, which are designed to maximize romantic pleasure.

The options are endless when you want to make your bedroom a romantic haven.

Ignite Her Passion is dedicated to helping husbands rekindle the passion and romance in their marriages using biblical marriage principals as guideposts to building a better marriage relationship. http://www.IgniteHerPassion.com

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