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The Secret Of Attracting Women

Have you ever banged your head against the wall because women just don't want to go on a date with you? Have you ever been frustrated because attractive women only see you as a friend? It's because you don't know the secret of attracting women. You see, if you want to be able to meet and talk to women you have to communicate slightly different than you would to your buddies. Most guys can't do that. They don't know that to get women attracted to you, you need to talk to them on a different level. At least 9 out of 10 guys don't have a clue how to do that so they turn to what the media has been telling them would work. You know.

tell a woman how beautiful she is, take her out to dinner, bring her flowers and tell her you like her to show your affection. But does it really work when you want to meet and date a woman in the 21st century? Not really. This may sound like a shock to you but women don't feel emotionally attracted and would want to kiss you if you behave like the shining knight in armor that rescues the princess. This isn't Hollywood, this is real life.

I know this sounds a bit weird but the only way to make women respond to you sexually is to flirt with them in a special way. Most guys don't know that secret, and that's why they always end up being just another friend or don't even get anywhere in the first place. Here's what usually happens. You know this beautiful woman that you really like and want to have a date with, but you just don't know what to say or do to get her. Then, you finally assemble enough courage to walk up to her and ask her "Hi, I saw you a couple times now and just wanted to come over and ask you if you want to have a drink sometime.

Or how about dinner tonight?" She will be flattered, think you are cute and that it was a nice gesture of you to come over but has to say "I would but I have a boyfriend, I'm sorry". So here's my question to you. No it's not a question, I want you to think about this so you get the bigger picture of what's going on here: How come you have so many women that give you the SAME boyfriend excuse over and over again? Isn't that weird? Could it be that they just want to tell you "Thanks but no thanks" in a nice way? You bet! You see, they don't feel sexually attracted to you because you didn't push her right buttons that create that gut level feeling for her. You were just like every other guy out there.

What you need is to be DIFFERENT. Here's what I want you to do from now on: STOP acting like a clingy, needy nice-guy! Don't ask women out for drinks, don't treat them like a princess and never ever be nice to her. Women are NOT attracted to nice guys, that's why the bad boy always ends up with the girl and the nice guys finish last.

In Hollywood movies, the cute nice guy always gets the girl. But in real life it's the complete opposite. If you want to become a master at the art of attracting women, you need to start acting like a man and not a doormat. Don't be nice, polite and pay them wimpy compliments hoping they will like you. Be a challenge, be cocky and be bad! So, instead of saying "You know, I just wanted to tell you that you look very beautiful.

Can I take you out sometime?" . be bad and say. "So what else do you apart from picking up cute guys like me? If you promise to be nice I let you buy me a drink *evil grin*" Ultimately, being a cheeky bad boy is what gets you the girl.


Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at www.Playboyskool.com

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