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The Russian bride and her uniqueness

Your first letter. .So, you are creating your dating profile.

It's very important to mention your REAL height, weight, marital status, your age, education and occupation; consider adding some photos to your profile. In your very first letter to the Russian bride you can write everything you think worth mentioning in the first letter to a stranger ? this can be your life position, some aims and hopes, your interests, a description of person that your are looking for. Remember one thing ? it not usual in Russia to call a woman 'dear', 'love', 'sweet' in the first letter. She may think you are insincere or too emotional.

You should avoid official style, just be yourself. .What things to discuss. .

Never be afraid of expressing your feelings and thoughts: the Russian woman is naturally very sensitive and emotional. Ask questions and answer hers in return. Your questions might be like following: What kind of a man would you like to see near you? What is more important for you: family or business career? Ask how she spent last week and tell her what you did all this time. Write about everything you find interesting.

Ask her advice on this or that matter or difficult situation in your life, share your plans for the future with her. .It would logical to wonder about how long the acquaintance by correspondence should last. In this matter you should retain the sense of proportion.

On the one hand, long correspondence makes an opportunity to know each other better. On the other hand, Russian women don't like inert men and will find long correspondence a great nuisance. Therefore you have to pick the crucial moment of transition to personal meeting intuitively.

Then you should decide where your first date will take place - in her country, in your country or in any other country. On the one hand, it's more comfortable for you to have a meeting in your country ? you'll feel yourself a master of the situation but for your beloved one it can be difficult to be in the unknown place and and that can embarrass her. Meeting in her country may seem like a better idea ? she is at home and this fact will help her to be herself while your meetings. But the more fair variant is to meet in any other country ? there both of you are in the same conditions.

. .Russian bride and her Love. .Due to the reality of the Russian life (the wars and totalitarian regime) the awareness of the of the submissive role of women and to the fact the number of women in the country has always been considerably larger than that of men; this definitely can be the reason for this self-sacrifice and artificially lowered requirements. Since then the demographic situation didn't changed.

.In their love Russian women often trust their hearts, not logical thinking. One may be a tall, handsome and wealthy fellow and still fail to attract a Russian woman's attention; the other one may be crazy about her and still fail to arouse a response in her. It does not mean she needs a man with physical or spiritual shortcomings.

The thing is that she must fall in love with You and Only You and then you may count on all-conquering forgiveness and on absolute devotion. . .Usually Russian woman does not expect to profit by her love, she is genuinely selfless, and she often sacrifices her career and her interests because of her family interests and needs. Devotion determines to a great extent the behavior of a Russian bride in love. For most Russian women the words of the church wedding rite 'I vow to stay with my husband in grief and joy until death separates us', are still the matter of current significance.

.Russian lady and her husband. .A married Russian woman has her life values arranged like this: children - husband - relatives - her home - her job. As you can see, husband plays one of the predominant roles in her life. Always he is a regular sexual partner.

A Russian women nowadays, especially those over 25-30 years old, has certain problems with finding a man to establish permanent sexual relations with. So, the husband is everything to her. This is also proved by the fact that after the wedding the number of female friends of a young wife is considerably reduced: she doesn't need them any more because her husband also becomes her best friend. .The husband has traditionally been the highest authority for the Russian woman. She will not go out, nor make major purchases, does not take any important decisions without first consulting with him.

.For Russian women, children have always been the highest value. If you already have your own children Russian lady will surely love them too, as if they were her own ones, because the beloved man and his offsprings are inseparable for her.

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