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The Quest For The Best Caterer

Everybody loves good food. When people attend a wedding the food even seems more important. Wedding guests also love great food and would it not be lovely if the wedding guests remember the food served at your wedding.

After all, guests who enjoy their meal are likely to be in better spirits than guest who have eaten very little or who have not enjoyed their meal. The wonderful food on your wedding will be a topic that will be talked about at many family gatherings. When it comes to great food choosing the best caterer is crucial.

There is one important issue that needs to be addressed when you begin planning your wedding. As you will visit many wedding venues you will be offered onsite catering but more importantly they do not allow offsite caterers to work at your wedding. Thus when you choose the venue for your wedding you must not only consider the appearance of the ball rooms but also on the quality of the food they offer. Some venues allow offsite caterers but this will only be possible by good negotiations on your part. The quest for the best caterer can start by asking friends and relatives for their recommendations. Or if you have recently attended a wedding that served fabulous food, you might want to contact the host of that wedding to inquire about their caterer.

Recommendations are important because the best indication of how good the food will be is how well the food was received in the past. A caterer that is well recommended through mouth to mouth advertising will probably suit your needs. The internet and phone books can also be used to research local caterers. You could use the internet and direct calls made to the caterer to learn about their availability, menu options and prices. Once you obtain this information you will be able to eliminate caterers who are already booked for your wedding date and who are out of your price range.

For the remaining caterers you will want to consider the menu options. When you have a specific menu in mind and none of the caterers have the items, you can check with them if they are able to prepare your favourite dishes. Many caterers are fully capable of preparing all kinds of dishes besides what is listed on their menu. Once you have three or four candidates you will need to call them to back and make an appointment for a tasting session in near future. Now, if the caterer doesn't offer a tasting session you can take this one of your list unless you are familiar with their food.

If you can not taste their food it is almost impossible to decide if this is what you want for your wedding. When you meet them for a tasting session it is important to discuss the dishes for your wedding first. There is little need to taste other items then your menu list.

If you taste only dishes that are on their regular menu it can be misleading. To make sure you and your guest will not be disappointed you have to taste the items on your menu. Make sure you do not plan more than one tasting session on one day. Trying to many dishes on one day can make your taste buds dull and make it harder to really pick the best caterer. Also try to make notes when sampling the dishes for each tasting session. This can really make a difference when you go home and make the final decision after a couple of days or weeks.

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