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Signs That Your Friendship is Not a A Long Lasting One

True friends or best friends can never part ways, yes very correct ,so you think but in reality a true friend is hard to come by. It is always better to do a little inspection or introspection of the friendship which will be helpful for the health of the friendship.True friendships can also be very fragile as it involves two persons and the persons definitely have egos. The egos soemtimes come in the way of clear logical thinking and can mar the realtionship.
When you think really hard you must think of little children who are innocent and they give their heart and soul into relationships. Now look at grown ups and they always have polluted minds which make sure that they will never give everything into a relationship and that can hamper a budding true friendship.

Think about the fact that whether you and your friend are alike or very different .Does it seem like coming from two different worlds? Then next ask yourself about how long you have been friends. This then leads to next question about how much do you share your thoughts and how much do you communicate with each other?

The true friend, even if having contrasting hobbies, would support each other and will make every effort to be there for you when you need them. As an example let us take sports then a true friend of yours will always be at a game even if he or she did not like sports and vice versa. True friends will never forget you wherever they are, for example, if they go on a vacation then they will send you postcards or emails about what happened or is happening at the vacation which will help you at least be part of the vacation of that friend.

What all this above means is that basis of friendship is communication and separate personalities communicating with each other .

This helps to understand that a true friendship is always built on a foundation of communication and openness. You always will share your most intimate thoughts with your best friend and will hope to hear from him an unbiased opinion on those.

To make all this special between friends there is unsaid bonding which can stand the test of time, pressure of outside forces and some resistance from others who are jealous about your friendship.

Nurture your relationship like you would take care of small baby and the friendship will blossom into a mature relationship which is far ahead of any other relationships you have.


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