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National Break Up Season After New Year to Valentines Day

Accordingly to general research on dating behaviour, the period between the December holidays and Valentine's Day is National Break-up Season when people are more than twice as likely to think about breaking up than at any other time of the year. We can all blame the New Year and peoples' New Year resolutions. Forget "Lose Weight", "Get a better job", and "Save". January is of course the month when people focus on resolutions to be healthier, richer, and most importantly happier. "Get a better love life" or worst still "Get a new love" ranks up high among New Year resolutions. The ugly truth is that over the holiday seasons people prefer to be one of a couple for all of the Christmas parties and family gatherings and they tolerate much more than they would in any other month of the year than December.

This is heightened by the fact that as soon as Christmas is finished all the Christmas trees, Rudolphs and Santas are ripped down and replaced with Sales banners for two weeks and then with seas of red ribbon and pink hearts. Retailers have their minds focused on the next biggest retail event on the Calendar - Valentine's Day. Over 180 million Valentine's Day cards were sold last year and this did not could the kiddies packages of bulk Valentine's Day cards for the kids to give to everyone at school. Lets face the cold hard truth Valentine's Day is big business. So when the New Year eve chimes have finished sounding, it is the time many people evaluate their relationships and ponder whether they are with the right partner.

The cruel statistics are that nearly 4 out of 10 people at this time of year reassess their dating life or marital status. So beware Cupid is charting a tricky course for all of us over the next few weeks. With Valentine's Day less than a month away now, chances are you've got love, or something like it, on your mind. If you have not given the fact it is now National Break-up Season you should have.

Our suggestion for Valentine's Day is forget the dozen long stemmed red roses this year that is of course unless you have money to burn, and if you do get the roses delivered to your love's place of employment. Valentine's day is referred to as "Extortion Day" by some for very good reason. .

Buy a single rose, if your budget is limited, you can normally get these at Department stores cheaper than what you can get them at Florists. Forget about the mass produced Valentine's Day cards and make your own. Remember it is not about what it looks like but the effort that you put into it.

Do not go out for dinner on Valentine's Day unless you like getting sized up by all the other diners as they sit their wondering who in the room has the most dysfunctional relationship. Flowers do not last long, and lets face it fake flowers for Valentine's Day are incredibly tacky and candies cause cavities and more dentist bills. If you really do feel the pressure to buy something for Valentine's Day make it lingerie. Consider it an investment. It lasts a hell of a lot longer than flowers and candy.

Save your money and instead of spending it on all the extortionate merchandising go away for a long weekend somewhere romantic and intimate that is not crowded and spend some quality time together. If you have kids arrange for the kiddies to be sat by the grandparents or do a swop with some friends. Arrange to look after their kids for one weekend and do the same for them another.

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