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How To Say No And Make Sure Others Understand That You Mean It

Saying no is difficult for us most of the time but making others understand that you mean it, is even more difficult. Sometimes people keep on insisting until you say yes. But if you resolutely say no the first time they wont have a chance to try again. In this article you will learn how to say no and mean it.

Try to think of a valid reason for refusing an offer. If you kept coming up with excuses that could be overlooked easily, the other person will never let you go. Say no determinedly and offer another day to do the activity the other person is proposing. If he/she still insists, then say maybe some other time and move on with a smile. You have got to learn to say no otherwise people will keep crowding you with their ideas and eat up most of your precious time.

When somebody asks you to help them out with something, do not think that just because you have a reputation of being helpful and cooperative among your colleagues and friends, you have to say yes otherwise it will be ruined. Honestly think about the time you have and that what is being asked of you is really something you want to do. Do not fall into the trap of someone being innocent of not doing the thing himself.

Also never offer an apology after rejecting an offer; after all it is your life and only you know how you want to live it. Others are not supposed to decide what you should be doing at a particular time. Look the other person in the eye when you say no.

This way they will be sure of what you are saying is what you mean rather than just inventing excuses like everyone else do. Try to keep yourself busy all the time, or at least show that you are a lot busier than they think you are. If somebody keeps on insisting then straight forwardly tell them your list of chores you have to do for that day. Do not let others get hold of your time and energy.

Your family comes first and foremost when it comes to giving time to others. So tell people that you have family plans today or that you have to take your children out so you are leaving early today. Do not let guilt wash over you as you say no to a request. Your relationships will be much better and healthier when you know how to deal with difficult situations. Saying no to offers you cant accept or requests you do not have time to fulfill is just one of those situations. Firmly believe in what you want and let others know it too.

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