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Dating a Married Man is not Good Dating Principle

Forming a relationship with a man or woman can give out happiness in life. But dating a married man is right or wrong? Extra care has to be taken while answering this question.

Most of the women think that keeping a relationship with a married man is not a problem and nothing wrong. Understanding a guy who is already married is one kind of a risky action.

If proper advice is not followed situations can become worse in the future.

While dating a married man she has to keep some major points in mind

What is the type of relationship she wants? A long lasting relationship or a friendly relation ship for few days? If her answer is a long lasting relation ship she needs to know the background of his family first.

She should understand how that guy will marry me leaving his wife and children, what about their lives in the future? Will they survive without him? She should answer those questions carefully and should not act in haste. If her answer for the first question was a short term relationship than she need not consider his family background.

Divorce is one of the worst situations that can occur in a married mans life, so women going to date with a married man should give importance to ill effects of diverse.

Take your family into consideration a women should try to understand the ill effects of dating a married man, she should know whether her family will allow this matter or not, how will they receive this idea, what will be the consequences that can happen at home.

Understand that man properly most of the men will only look women as a pleasure giving doll, they try to enjoy the girl and leave. Such men are much common among married people. A women should understand the cruel intentions of the person she is dating.

Understand your attraction- most of the women date married people to make themselves safe from all the sides, like no one gets a doubt if she is dating him, women feel that this relation ship is not a committed relationship.

But women, men are not always the same though he looks to be calm and nice you wont be able to understand his intentions probably the only reason why he may be dating you is to enjoy you for his pleasure.

Doing a legal and less risky date is most important.

Dating a married man is an illegal offense and it should not be committed. For minute pleasures in life women should not date a married man, she should always know her limits, and consequences that can occur in future.

Family friends and relatives are crucial for women, if she dates a married man her relation with family and friends wont be cordial and if that he leaves her after enjoying her for his needs than there wont be any one for her to share her sadness.

Stop thinking to date a married man and start living date a man who is of your age and who is more mature.


About the Author (text)Rodrigo Rehn is a Linux Systems Administrator, Web Programmer, PHP Developer and CEO of http://www.FaceRomance Online Dating Services.

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