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Becoming Super Rich With Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a fun lottery game that only costs a dollar to play. If you interested in taking your chances at this exciting game, all you have to do is pick six numbers and cross your fingers until the next winning numbers for this lottery are announced. The rules of the game a very simple, and there are nine different ways to win, so your odds are fairly good that you can win at least the lowest payout prize.

Of the six Mega Millions numbers that you pick, the first five must fall between one and fifty-six. The final ball, called the Mega Ball number, must be between one and forty-six. You can choose the lottery numbers yourself, or you can allow the retailer's computer to pick them for you at random. Either way you get your numbers, if you match all six you can win hundreds of millions of dollars.

The jackpot for the lottery Mega Millions game is determined by the number of tickets that are sold. Also, every time a drawing takes place when nobody wins, the jackpot amount is rolled over into the next drawing. This means that the grand prize can grow to astronomical heights in a rather short amount of time, as drawings are held twice a week. You can watch a drawing on Tuesday and Friday at 10:12 p.

m. on most local television stations to find the winning numbers for Mega Millions lottery. You can also visit Mega Millions.com to find out the latest Mega Millions lottery winning numbers. Whether you choose to play the Mega Millions lottery game or any other of the many lottery games, it is important to play responsibly.

Only purchase lottery tickets if you have money spare, rather than purchasing them with bill money in hopes that you will have the winning numbers for this lottery. That way, there will never be too much riding on your Mega Millions ticket, except for maybe a lot of excitement and a good time. When the Mega Millions jackpot is high lines at lottery terminals tend to be quite long.

Interest in Mega Millions grew in 2000 when the jackpot reached 363 million dollars. This is a multi state lottery with 12 states participating from all geographic areas of the country. The monies generated by this lottery fund various state services in participating states.

You may play online by going to their website which has clear easy to follow instructions.

Jeffrey Davis is a Expert on Online Lotteries and a marketing executive at Triumph Marketing, you can find more of Jeff's lottery articles and buy real lottery tickets at http://www.luckylotto.com

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